East Chicago, Indiana

The city of East Chicago is in Lake County, Indiana, located 4 miles northeast of Hammond, Indiana and 18 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois. Considered part of the Chicago Metro area, East Chicago is home to over 30,000 residents. Approximately 60 percent of which East Chicago’s 15.6 square miles is industrial. Its 10 residential neighborhoods are scattered among industrial and commercial centers.

Born of railroad and steel, East Chicago was one of northwest Indiana’s first truly industrial cities developed to meet the needs of workers and industry. The city was originally known as the “Twin City”, with the East Chicago (western section) separated from the Indiana Harbor section by a vast rail yard that served as the rail gateway to Chicago and the west. During the peak of the Industrial Revolution, East Chicago was known as the most industrialized municipality and America’s ultimate melting pot where four out of five of its citizens were foreign-born. It was during this period in East Chicago’s history that more than seventy nationalities, each with its own ethnic based church, neighborhoods and stores, lived, worked and flourished for generations. East Chicago was known as the "Arsenal of America" during World War I, then the "Workshop of the Nation," and finally the buckle on the nation's Rust Belt. It is a city of industrial triumphs and failures. Business and industry located in East Chicago today include ArcelorMittal's Indiana Harbor Works, the largest steel mill in the USA; Indiana Harbor Works comprises East mill, originally Inland Steel, and West mill, owned for most of its life by Youngstown Sheet and Tube; and the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal complex.

East Chicago’s history of manufacturing and industry make asbestos exposure a cause of concern for workers and loved ones. Individuals exposed to asbestos-containing materials may be at risk for mesothelioma as well as other asbestos-related diseases. Mesothelioma clinics in and around East Chicago, Indiana are listed at the bottom of this page. If you or a loved one were diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer in East Chicago, you may also benefit from seeking the advice of a mesothelioma attorney.

Jobsites in East Chicago where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

A number of jobsites in East Chicago, IN have been identified as harboring asbestos containing materials. These sites, at one point in their history, were known to have exposed a variety of tradesmen to asbestos. We will be documenting in more detail how asbestos exposure occurred at these sites in the future on this web site.

  • American Steel Foundries, Inc.
  • Anaconda Lead Products Company
  • Blaw-Knox Foundry & Mill
  • Capalyptic Const. Gate
  • Chicago Horseshoe Company
  • Cities Service Oil Company
  • Cities Services Pertoleum Company
  • City Services Oil
  • Combustion Engineering, Inc.
  • Continental Ordnance Company
  • Continental Roll & Steel Fory.
  • Cudahy Packing Company
  • E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Company
  • East Chicago, Indiana Refinery
  • Eichlay Corporation
  • Empire Oil and Refining Company
  • Empire Refining Company
  • Energy Cooperative, Inc.
  • Gatx
  • General American Tank Car Corp
  • General American Transportation Corp
  • Goldschmidt Detinning Company
  • Grasselli Chemical Div
  • Graver Construction Company
  • Graver Tank & Manufacturing Company
  • Harbison Walker Refractories
  • Hartleys Corporation
  • Imperial Electric Company
  • Indiana Harbor Works
  • Inland Steel Company
  • Inland Works
  • Jones & Laughlin Steel Company
  • Koppers Company, Inc.
  • Lanman Bolt
  • Linde Air Products Company
  • Linde Company
  • Linde Company Div Un Carb
  • Linde-Crystal Company
  • Ltv Steel
  • M & I Chemicals
  • Metal & Thermit Corporation
  • Mittal Steel
  • Mobil Oil Company
  • Mobil Oil Company
  • National Casting Foundry
  • New Jersey Zinc Company
  • Northern Indiana Gas and Electric Company
  • Oak Brook Terrace
  • Paul J. Krez Company
  • Republic Iron and Steel Company
  • Republic Steel
  • Roxana Petroleum Corporation
  • Sacony Vacuum Oil Company
  • Shell Petroleum Corporation
  • Sinclair Refining Company
  • Sinclair Refining Company
  • Socony Mobil Oil Company
  • Socony Vacuum Oil Company
  • Standard Forge
  • Standard Oil
  • Steinberg Baum
  • U S Gypsum Company
  • U S Reduction
  • U.S. Gypsum
  • U.S. Reduction Company
  • Union Carbide & Carbon Chemical Corporation
  • Union Tank Car
  • United States Gypsum Company
  • Wadhams Oil Company
  • Youngstown Sheet and Tube
  • Youngstown Steel Mill

Mesothelioma Cancer Centers Near East Chicago, IN

For your convenience we have compiled a list of mesothelioma cancer centers that are located within a 100 mile radius of East Chicago, IN. Please click on a cancer center link to obtain more information about the clinical programs offered, professional designations, areas of expertise and how to contact the center.

University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center
5841 S. Maryland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Distance: 11.8 miles

Galter Pavilion
675 North St. Clair, 21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

Distance: 19.0 miles

Rush Professional Office Building
1725 W. Harrison St.
Suite 774
Chicago, IL 60612

Distance: 20.1 miles

Naperville Campus
120 Spalding Drive, Suite 111
Naperville, IL 60540

Distance: 36.4 miles

1336 Basswood Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Distance: 41.4 miles

2520 Elisha Avenue
Zion, IL 60099

Distance: 59.7 miles

Hansen Life Sciences Research Building
201 S. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Distance: 89.1 miles

Mesothelioma Doctors Near East Chicago, IN

For your convenience we have compiled a list of mesothelioma doctors who are located within a 100 mile radius of East Chicago, IN. Please click on a doctor link to obtain more information about his/her background, areas of expertise, professional affiliations and office locations.

Dr. Hedy Lee Kindler
The University of Chicago Medicine
Center for Advanced Medicine
5758 S. Maryland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Distance: 11.8 miles

Dr. Wickii Thambiah Vigneswaran
The University of Chicago Medicine
Center for Advanced Medicine
5758 S. Maryland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Distance: 11.8 miles

Dr. Michael J. Liptay
Rush University Cancer Center
Rush Professional Office Building
1725 W. Harrison Street, Suite 774
Chicago, IL 60612

Distance: 20.1 miles

Dr. Philip D. Bonomi
Rush University Cancer Center
Section of Medical Oncology
1725 W. Harrison Street, Suite 1010
Chicago, IL 60612

Distance: 20.1 miles

Filing an Asbestos Claim in Indiana

Don't lose your rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and were exposed to asbestos in Indiana, you may be entitled to compensation. You may have limited time to file a claim, so request a Free Evaluation now. The evaluation will cost you nothing. You can also fill out the form below to receive a free Mesothelioma packet, or call us toll free at 1-800-336-0086.

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May 18, 2015
Dr. Raphael Bueno

Clinical trials pave the way for successful mesothelioma treatments

“Clinical trials are critical to finding and advancing treatments for mesothelioma patients. Since its inception in 2002, the International Mesothelioma Program (IMP) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has been conducting a series of clinical trials to evaluate various treatment options for patients before, during and after surgery. At any given time, our experts within the IMP are conducting multiple treatment clinical/research trials—with some having lasted over a decade.”


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